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Arrogantly opinionated rant #406

Posted in Uncategorized by Tom Fiend on November 29, 2010

It was inevitable, and here it comes. How fucking bad is modern hardcore punk.

Fucking Parkway Drive. I’m not going to sugar coat this, they’re boring as shit to me. I get that they’re bloody hard working and have persevered tirelessly to bring hard rock back to the masses. They won a goddamn aria and anyone should be proud of that. Not because they won an Aria, but because they made the dickholes at the aria charts pull their heads out of their arses (however momentarily) and realize that kids these days really do love their heavy shit. But in doing so make it really fucking awful and generic. Many of you that have met me in person will know my next argument.

12 years ago this song was released on the album “The Shape of Punk To Come” by the band Refused. Listen to it, now listen to it again. Its spectacular. It has nuance, it is fucking heavy. It infuses synth, tension and buildup into the composition with a ball shriveling voice, with nothing cliche and retarded like we see today. i.e. blast beat, rif, breakdown, rant about living pure. 12 years ago. Horizons was released 3 years ago and the only way I could compare them is this. A 10 year old down syndrome child with vision in only one eye saw the Impression, Sunrise in his youth, and was later asked to draw it when he was 17. Bands like Refused, Minor Threat, Black Flag and the Dead Kennedies are the original painting, you join the dots. In fact I think I think thats actually how the Amity Affliction started.

This is why we can’t have nice things!

The Shape Of Punk To Come is one of the more critically acclaimed albums of all time. Now go to a hXc show, find a sweaty kid that just kicked a girl for wearing an Amity Affliction shirt (because they totally suck now) and is wearing a House’s Vs Hurricanes (because they haven’t quite started sucking yet) shirt. Ask them about ANY hardcore band prevalent prior to 2001. You will be greeted with blank stares and confused mumbles. He’d rather be talking about living clean while chugging 5 litres of Red Bull with in his hands over his eyes pretending he hadn’t seen the memo that caffeine is a fucking drug. An addictive one at that. Learn the history of your music cock juggler.

To add insult to injury, Australia (and especially Brisbane) has had such a long, awesome history of amazing punk, post punk and some brilliant metal and hardcore. Yet this is what is put into the spotlight as a representative for what we can do. Fuck right off. I know, marketability. They’re heavy, but garsh they’re handsome, well rounded looking gentlemen, if you had to choose ANY band for your daughter to be a groupy for, it would be Parkway Drive. THIS IS NOT A GOOD THING.

Marketable AND date-able.

I think I’ve just about run out of Steam here, I could go on and on about the terrible attitude in moshpits, and undeserved arrogance but I think I’d just descend into self hatred further than I already have. I’m going to get a beer, and fucking enjoy it. Assholes.

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  1. DDevine said, on November 29, 2010 at 10:26 pm

    I know why they are so popular in the mainstream – it is because they are super generic and bland. I even actually tried to see what was good about them… but I just can’t.

    I might be a bit biased as a heavy/death/thrash/progressive/REAL FUCKING METAL fan and of course I think hardcore screamy emo metalcore bullshit is shit.

    It’s sad that Australia (and especially Brisbane) is loosing its natural, gritty, balls out style. Not sure exactly what I would attribute this to… Kids these days like everything pre-packaged and are positively *scared shitless* to be different or to expose their creativeness (unless they are a damn hipster) or raw opinion in-case they get shunned on Facebook…

  2. fred said, on November 30, 2010 at 1:57 pm

    Today kids have it easy just google it and there is your next hardcore superstar. JJJ is seen as an alternative source to these kids but its just government sanctioned shit pansy puffy crap. Kids have it to easy these days all these ‘gigs’ they go to are events to me that are concerts just like deep purple or whitesnake put on.I dont think kids would know a real punk show if it came up and gobbed on them. Back in the day just finding a place to play was hard enough and let alone getting enough people through the door to pay for the hall and p.a. times were different people gave a fuck about things not just a style it was a meeting of minds and all were in it for similar reasons. bands artists promoters(just punks that wernt in a band really) got together to make somthing that wasnt there before. These days if it hasnt got its own banner on myspace or isnt sponsered by some crap energy drink the ‘kids’ wont even get of their pimply arses to show up,if they are not gonna be seen by every one then why go,if there will only be 50 people there then why go,fuck 50 payers at a gig used to be a sucess. When i started out I couldnt wait to get a band together and be a part of the scene(it was a very small scene here in bris back in the early 80s) but very passionate, we gave a fuck that the govt was fucked(still do) we gave a fuck that the indigenous people were being fucked over(still do) we gave a fuck that major record labels were only in it for the money not the music(still do) we wernt going to sit around and be spoon fed some shit from a record label,we made our own for ourselves. I dont think the young ones today will get off their asses to do these things.
    On the subject of the ARIAs I believe they are just a numbers game with nothing to do with music,more how big your advertising budget is and how many units you sell.Its not about good music or equity in the industry just money. If that is what your into fine but for me fuck big bussiness fuck ipods and fuck your popular bands,give me FEAR, D.O.A., BAD BRAINS, dead kennedys, BLACK FLAG, MINUTE MEN any day over this hyped up bullshit.
    get your own band stage diver!

  3. Chevy T. said, on November 30, 2010 at 2:41 pm

    Love the rhetoric. Several times I broke into laughter mainly in comparison to the pro-Parkway “support Australia’s greatest band” piece I recently hosted at METRO from Tom Byrnes: There is a direct and stark contrast in the views presented throughout each and, I feel, they raise equally valid questions concerning the group itslf and contemporary music such as we enjoy describing with terms like Heavy Metal and Hard Rock and, of course, all of the lucidrous sub-genres which regularly emerge that I am still a long way off tolerating, less understanding. One could be forgiven for presuming Tom has written in response after reading Byrnes’ own thoughts…

    Personally, which is why I included a disclaimer at the bottom of the piece on my blog, I am not a huge fan but respect their success and based solely on my experience in life as a (generally former) hard drug user and abuser of every illicit substance on the market in Australia, I respect their clean and sober approach and would never condemn, criticise or ridicule anyone for such a decision. Obviously I am biased by my own life and don’t expect anyone to share that appreciation for a life of abstinience. If they were my kids, I’d be happy to see they avoided some of the social hazards young people face. Although, privately, I would also think of all the amazing experiences they’ll never comprehend.

    However, my fave band of all-time is Guns N Roses (original line-up circa. 80′s-early 90′s) and Geffen- as is reportedly standard proceedure for him- insured heavily against their life expectancy to guarantee his investment. He did the same with Cobain and originally John Lennon, I believe. While two members were dealing Heroin amongst the hard rock scene in LA pre-Appetite and as their early lyrics indicate, they were all in varying stages of co-dependent, poly-substance abuse. The music would NOT have existed without the drugs. A symbiotic relationship that ultimately destroyed the band as the drugs and booze took its natural toll. And Axl realised he had the rest of them by the balls and traded the gear in for sheer power and narcissism. I digress…

    My point is, I guess, that perhaps there is room for both; more so perhaps we need both extremes available in music to allow diversity equivalent to the infinite spectrum of modern music fans. I would not feel any different shaking hands with Slash as I would with any member of Parkway. I’d extend congratulations to each equally on their respective successes and then ask as many questions as possible including those raised by these disparate opinions and their own insight into such public perceptions and so on. With the latter, I am yet to read any truly insightful interviews to the degree Slash has been scrutinised. But Slash cashed in on his bad boy rep. Rumoured to have, at one point, been endorsed by Marlboro and Jack Daniel’s, the younger artists are cashing in on the opposite.

    But, in saying that, it was not until Tom Byrnes- who is affiliated with their label and therefore potentially biased as perhaps you are as well in a vastly different context by your personal identification with, and advocacy of/for, Punk and Hardcore (per se) published the the blog referenced above, that I learned of their “straight edge” beliefs. The first thing I thought was how boring must all these tours be behind the scenes. As a professional local crew member for sveral years, I know what usually goes on off stage and in transit and I wondered how sterile it must be and how they approach typically drug-riddled crew. Not uncommon to find misplaced drugs in Green rooms and Dressing rooms; what would these boys do? Call the local Police or laugh. Do they drug-test their road crew and staff? These are among the questions I’d love to hit them with, as well as about the music.

    In wrapping up- apologies for the extent and length; I may even post this reply and link the article on METRO to highlight the two and draw further commentary- I think Parkway and Amity Affliction are almost sonically synonymous as are many other emerging artists. A local exponent of the style/genre recently wrote one of the reasons his band- who are pretty damn good- follow similar techniques while writing is ’cause the punters “like it”. I played metal when distorted vox were pioneered and think it became redundant by the mid-90′s but then, a large proportion of fans of these bands were only being born at that time. And thus, we have a contentious and inter-generational issue on our hands.

    I agree when you ridicule yonger music fans who do not do their research and feel if more did so they would discover bands that were doing what these new acts are doing but, in my opinion, doing it far better. Bands like Obituary (a personal fave) through to Morbid Angel and even Aussie acts you won’t find online like Armoured Angel were paving the way 20 years ago and those that now represent heavy metal and hard rock have not added much to the final mix. So, for me, it is like history repeating but this time what we’re getting a watered-down, poor imitation of the original. Perhaps the best example is Pantera; wonder what Dimebag’d make of “straight edge” attitudes… I don’t hear anything from any of the bands mentioned that even comes close. But the bottom line, as always, is we can only ever express our own subjective opinions. Great work, Tom, loved it… {(;-)

  4. Chevy T. said, on November 30, 2010 at 6:39 pm

    PS- Tom, I liked the writing and the humour but maybe wipe the above comment if you like cause I touched it up and posted it on METRO:

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